Sunday, October 7, 2012

Best UFO Evidence 2012 Real OVNI Footage Alien Moon Base

Alien Moon Base Best UFO Evidenve ever 2012 October

Watch this in full hd 1080p fullscreen to get a better look!

If you think it's fake, search around for UFO on moon. You'll find a lot of more video similar like this one.

As you can see 13 orbs starting from a secret moonbase and fly away.
These ones are very bright lights, looks like a star or something like that.

Filmed September 2012 with Canon EOS 600D and Skymaster 1200mm focal length telescope + Adapter.

Watch 2nd video to get a much closer look to these orbs:

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Spotted 0:14 CET September 15th 2012

Best UFO Sightings 2012 September

Best UFO Sightings September 2012 New Orbs OVNI

Music Used - Break Of Dawn Instrumental by Michael Jackson (Instrumental made by Xrzysioo)

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